Local Store Marketing: Charities

Most of the local store marketing strategies that I have highlighted over the past year or so are designed to increase awareness and sales for your brand, people because it’s the right thing to do. Working with charities over a period of time helps you to give back to the communities in which you are located, in addition to creating a profits opportunity at the store level.

Developing a working relationship by using influential, local charities in your trade area not only confirms your community commitment as a business owner but can also provide an effective to link to a sales-driving fundraiser at your store. By way of supporting a local charity, you can help these organizations realize their goals of reaching those people who are attempting to experience the day to day joys that the rest of us take for granted.

The benefits of supporting any charity are manifold:

  • Provides an opportunity for your store to a credible, respected organization
    Provides an opportunity for your store to allow back to the community
    Creates goodwill among your customers
  • Creates mindset for the charity and your retail store
    Builds employee morale by giving your employees another reason to feel proud of your store valuations
  • Provides an opportunity to tie charity-fundraising to a vendor sales occurrence at your store, such as “Buy X and we will Best African Charity to Donate to a small piece of sales to the local charity”
  • Once funds will be raised, it enables you to contact your local media for a take a look at presentation photo opportunity at your store
  • Your charity system should be developed and committed to a local organization on a quarterly (or semiannual) cycle. This enables your store to build up more than enough awareness so that customers recognize the praiseworthy deeds you’re accomplishing for the charity.

Create Linkage: Supporting a charitable can take on many forms: you may decide to sell compact items-such as selling shamrocks and stars to particular person customers, and donating all proceeds to your selected charity-or you may decide that your store make a monetary donation influenced by sales for a preset time period. Your relationship with a charity can take many forms-monetary contributions, volunteering, co-sponsorships or a mix off all three.

Put Together A Plan: Contact local charities or cause-related organizations within your 3-mile trade area. Set up meetings to higher understand their goals and align your store most abundant in appropriate cause. Develop ways to raise funds with your chose charity that may include: 1) when a customer buys some sort of retail item, donate 50 cents of sales towards charity during a set time period; 2) on-counter canisters that will help raise awareness and generate funds from customer disposition; and 3) donate sales of charity markers (i. e. like shamrocks) that can be purchased for $1 or simply $5 and posted on store walls.