Dress Shirt Embroidery

DRESS UP SHIRT TIPS Successful digitizing and embroidery


The “business casual” environment that led to stress-free dress codes for the workplace starting in the 90’s is the way America shows up for work. Jeans and sweatshirts are not unusual. However , the pendulum appears to be swinging to come back toward a more polished, upscale appearance in business apparel, primarily since confidence in corporations has slipped recently considering the trade scandals and folding dot-coms. With this change, clothing shirt, a traditional “dress for success” item in a mankind’s closet, is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. It tops the charts when a professional image is important. The addition of an added logo provides upscale corporate identity and with a little priority can add style and interest as well.

The classic dress tee t shirt embroidery in Singapore is a long-sleeved, front-button shirt with tails. It is to be found in some luxurious fabrics and fun colors today. Yet , it is best to think “conservative” when a shirt is to include the embroidered logo or design. Collar styles include: Upright, Spread or British Spread, Button-down, Curved, Tab in addition to Banded. Your choice of style may depend on your customer’s will like, but the best bet is to stick with a straight collar (the conventional for business today) and a solid, basic color. Long sleeves with button cuffs complete the look and provide more artistic opportunities for embroidery. For hotel uniforms or several other functional work wear that will be worn in hot, wet climates, short sleeves, of course , are the logical choice.


Left and Right Chest – A company logo is often embroidered on the left chest pocket of a dress shirt. Personalization, such as an employee name, is embroidered on the right. Continue to keep designs small enough to fit comfortably in the space made available. Smaller is better, especially on a shirt pocket. (Be aware that as the logo or design is reduced in size, words size will be reduced and may become too small to digitize properly. Re-designing the logo may be necessary to keep text at the very least 3/16″ or ΒΌ” in height. )

Collar – The very left front of the collar presents a stylish opportunity to search for a unique design or message on a dress shirt. It is utilized by private schools today to embellish children’s uniforms when sweaters and vests can potentially conceal a left side chest application.

Back – Beneath the collar (in the actual yoke area) can add variety to design placement. One awareness for this area is to avoid designs that could be irritating for those wearer due to backing included on the inside of the garment. Specified designs that require heavy backing may not be advisable.

Cuff instant A tone-on-tone logo or stylized initials on a tshirt cuff can provide another subtle, classy form of corporate individuality.


When we think of a dress shirt fabric, we in general think of woven cotton (such as that found in a strong oxford shirt) or a cotton polyester blend. However , dress up shirts also come in blends of polyester and cotton twill (common for industrial and commercial work wear), silk, the particular newer micro fiber fabrics and a polyester/rayon that appearances and drapes like silk (this fabric was brought in in women’s shirts and has recently been incorporated into to locate shirts). Some dress shirts worn by industrial plus commercial work staff are being produced in wickable fabrics that has a high synthetic fabric content. Wickable fabrics originated in fashion designed for extreme sporting events like mountain climbing and has moved into typically the shirts designed for work wear. The fabric transfers moisture on the skin to the outside of the cloth where it can evaporate. The feature helps the wearer to maintain a more even body temperature, thereby reducing discomfort and improving performance. The key here is purchase fabric that will support the function and image your company customer is looking for. Thinner fabrics may cost less, but they do maintain their fit and shape as well as higher quality products You will pay a bit more for a quality fabric, but it can even last longer and provide a polished, professional appearance that keeps your customers finding its way back for more.