Some Great Thriller Books to Read

Thrillers provide us an uncomfortable world of edge-of-your-seat action and drama. If you love to read thrillers, here is a list of recommended thriller books which will certainly take you by surprise and leave you absolutely speechless. Each and every book that counts as a thriller novelis available on Here are some to list a few.

Great Thriller Books

  1. High Heat: At no. 1 on our list of recommended thriller books is the book by Lee Child- High Heat. The New York Times’ bestselling author highlights the times when Jack Reacher is just 17 years of age, way back in 1977 and has just begun getting on the loose. The eBook is gripping to say the least and questions how the infamous spree of homicides took place. The actions of Reacher are chillingly described.
  2. Night Film:A Novel – The haunting yet stunningly amazing eBook is no less than thrilling. It captivates the death in a high velocity, chase-the-killer-down scenario. This is one book you really need to read. Some refer to this book as hypnotic. The story of finding a child star dead is spun around with such class, that this book is one of the finest reads for thriller lovers in recent times.
  3. Gone Girl:A Novel– The book speaks about Nick Dunne’s sad tragedy where his wife of 5 years suddenly vanishes on the day of their 5th anniversary. He, in this case, is the defendant. Gillian Flynn uses her razor-sharp skills and deeply penetrates into ones emotions. Is it actually a tragedy or is it more than that? The book is devilish, fast-paced and plotted to send a chill down anyone’s spine. This work of hers is regarded as her best work yet.
  4. Dust: The Hugh Howey written book speaks of a time where lies were the basis of existence and one person has found the truth and is destinedto inform others about it. Every beginning has an end and rightly so does this thriller. This book is bound set your pulse racing. You will surely be left breathless with every page you turn. No wonder it makes it to our list of recommended thriller books. For a thrilling experience, get down to this one.
  5. Alex Cross: The worldwide James Patterson hit shows Alex Cross in his hunt for3 potential killers on a spree. Alex, however, is unaware of the fact that someone is on his tale. For a good thrill ride, take this book. James Patterson never has and never will disappoint you.
  6. The Last Man:Vince Flynn creates a beautiful story with the CIA dispatching off Mitch Rapp to none other than Afghanistan only to get the covert leader in the operations post and is kept hostage. The book could not be any better than what it is. The heart-pounding story gains insight into how one CIA representative goes missing and how chaos unfolds.
  7. Hidden Order: Brand Thor’s book on how candidates who are supposed to mind a government agency but actually, end up mysteriously murdered, the well-known DC counterterrorism operative, the super smart Scot Harvath begins his investigation. The book will leave you spellbound and speechless, both at the same time. This book is highly rated by many.
  8. World War Z: We all saw Brad Pitt in the movie, but this is a case where the book is certainly better than what was shown on screen. With the majority of the human population turning into zombies, one man from the UN is out on a mission to save what is left of humanity.

Apart from these,what else should you read?You must read Catherine Coulter’s Bomb Shell, Lee Child’s A Wanted Man, again on Jack Reacher, and of course, Stephen White’s Compound Fractures.

Why this list?

This thriller books are the perfect reads for people who love the thrill of a good book. The books named here are truly one of a kind when it comes to thriller stories. Be it fact or fiction, the list of recommended thriller books certainly will amaze you and pull the rug from under your feet. Knives, murders and mysteries will grip you and leave you mesmerized by these works. The list of recommended thriller books authors will leave an ever lasting impression on you. Don’t be surprise if you find yourself with your mouth open, in shock with what just happened on the very first few pages. The list of recommended books will enchant, scare and keep you glued to your seat. For anyone who likes these sort of reads, this list of recommended books is pure fun, action and of course, thrill!

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