The Only 3 Steps You Need to Become a Freelance SEO Writer

Posted On By Elias

Look for a seem like a daunting task but becoming a Freelance SEO article writer is easier than most people would think. Most companies that have an online presence are always interested in having writers that can post article content with keywords that are of interest to their specific company. WEB OPTIMIZATION writers come up with keyword rich articles to help build up a organizations presence on the internet.

A side business as a freelance WEBSITE POSITIONING writer is probably one of the easiest businesses someone can start by using very little resources and few expenses. The biggest skill you have to is the ability to write clearly and effectively on several topics that your clients might request from you. Being a originaire English speaker is possibly the number one thing SEO firms would like to try.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then the following guidelines will help you start a career as a freelance SEO writer:

Perform a Search engines for “SEO Firms”, “SEO marketing firms”, “Freelance WEBSITE SEO writer jobs”, and other terms such as this. Most companies may not right advertise their need for SEO writers – but by doing a search you should find contacts for individuals within different firms that will be hiring freelance writers. Create a list or spreadsheet with 5-10 contacts you will send emails to seeking out jobs

Create a generic email template that you will use to introduce you to ultimately the companies you’ve identified. While you will start with a generic contact template, you want to make sure you personalize the final email for each provider you send one to. Explain that you are a freelance SEO copy writer, tell them your skills and education, your ability to finish completed articles on deadline, and possibly include a sample report you’ve written (if you’ve never written one : find a subject you’re interested in and write a simple 300-500 statement article about that subject).

Follow up within a day or two – if it is possible get a phone contact for someone within the company you are phoning. Speaking with someone on the phone is an easy way to get joined. Ask them to give you the opportunity to do a freelance gig for free rapid and then explain your rates for subsequent articles. A lot of freelance SEO writers are able to charge anywhere from $15 that will $40 per article.
That’s it – following most of these steps will enable you to begin working as a freelance SEARCH ENGINE RANKING OPTIMIZATION writer in no time. This might be the easiest business someone may possibly start if you are interested in making extra money or trying to generate a location independent lifestyle.